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Each day Multifamily Property Management and Real Estate Professionals serve thousands of prospects looking for homes to rent or purchase. Prospect ID provides industry professionals with a NEW tool to validate a prospect’s identification; replacing the traditional practice of accepting and/or holding an ID on face value. The means to validate a prospect’s identification serves as 1) a deterrence to those who may have ill intentions providing professionals with some added personal protection prior to showing a home for rent or purchase and 2) significantly reduces a future resident’s capacity to use fake credentials to rent a home with no intention to pay rent, utilities, etc. and/or to hide from creditors, governmental authorities, etc. and/or use their rental home as a base for criminal operations.

Prospect ID allows users to scan any government-issued ID from the US and Canada with a barcode including driver’s licenses, state-issued ID cards, gun permits, and instantly validate ID’s for an individual or group of prospects and adult guests (if applicable) per visit. The capacity to accept US or Canadian passports is coming soon. While Prospect ID’s primary purpose is to validate a Prospect’s credentials, one can also utilize Prospect ID as an electronic guest card for each prospect or group of prospects. Passports and other foreign identification accepted by your company may also be entered manually into the guest card.
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