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What if someone does not want me to scan their identification?

Answer: In this day and age, customers are commonly asked for identification that is scanned and verified when they rent a car, test drive a car, request to gain entrance into a bar, club or casino or even order a drink at a restaurant. Why shouldn’t one expect to provide valid identification to see a home?
We recommend to explain to your prospect or guest that Prospect ID is a professional service that allows you to verify the authenticity of his/her identification. This process helps protect you and your business. Prospect ID only displays the person’s name, address, gender and Date of Birth (DOB) from their identification. Although Prospect ID collects and stores the ID number, you can only see the ID# on screen after the initial scan for reference. For security reasons, ID numbers will not be displayed in the My Prospects database, but will be stored for safekeeping. Prospect ID allows you to see the DOB so that you can be sure the prospect is of legal age to rent or buy housing and gender to assist you in addressing the prospect in future business correspondence.


Always look at the picture provided on the identification and make sure it matches the prospect who gave you their ID. Criminals use false identities and / or the stolen identities of others. An identity thief can alter an identification including changing the picture to match their own image. If you are unsure if the picture matches the person who gave you the ID or the description on the Identification does not match the image, you can ask for another form of qualifying identification and/or request supervisory assistance before proceeding with the tour/showing. Nonetheless always follow your company’s policies and procedures when an identification does not meet the criteria set by your company.

Criminal background and credit checks can’t always tell you if the person who provided the information is who they say they are. Additionally, little if any information can be obtained from people with thin credit files, usually young people, recent immigrants, or people who for some reason have very rarely used mainstream financial services. If someone wants to hide their identity they will find a way to obtain bogus identification. With false credentials one can use them to obtain a real job. Only 20 states require employers to utilize E-Verify. E-Verify is a voluntary internet-based program to help employers verify the work authorization of new hires for at least some public and/or private employers. Once an imposter obtains a job, it’s easier to qualify for an apartment. Even without a real job, one can buy pay stubs. If the apartment community’s representatives only collect and don’t verify the pay stubs authenticity then one doesn’t even need a real job to get an apartment. With false credentials, one can live freely for a long time, build income, credit references and borrow money. In anonymity, it’s easier to get away after doing harm to others, damaging property, not paying rent or utilities, skipping out all too perhaps change identity again and start over.

Although no ID verification service, including Prospect ID can provide 100% accuracy in detecting fraudulent ID’s; scanning and validating ID’s is a better option and can help deter crimes against you, your staff and save your rental property from lost rent, utility costs, property and reputation damages.

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