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Prospect ID allows you and/or your employees to authenticate ID’s using any personal or company issued Android or IOS mobile device with a 5MP or better camera and Wi-Fi Internet access. A mobile data plan is NOT required to scan and validate ID’s, but may be necessary if one is on the go and doesn’t always have Wi-Fi access.

Set-Up a Personal Account

To utilize Prospect ID, you can set up an account for yourself through the application, start a free trial and then purchase a scanning package.

OR Set-Up a Business Account

If you manage a rental property with 50 or more rental units or a portfolio of rental properties, contact a Prospect ID representative to assist you in setting up a business account. We can set-up single or multiple rental property locations and provide access to employees to scan prospective resident ID’s for the benefit of each property. Prospect ID allows you and/or your employees to authenticate ID’s using any personal or company issued Android or IOS mobile device. The information scanned and housed within Prospect ID’s application stays with the business account even if the employee chooses to use their own personal device to utilize the application. A Prospect ID representative will set-up the rental property location(s) and provide access to employees so that they can scan ID’s for the benefit of the business.

Once the application is downloaded on your preferred device, the account is set-up and you successfully login into the application, then from the main menu:

Special Note: If you set-up a business account you do not need to register after you’ve downloaded the application to your device. You should have received a temporary password via the email address you or another person at your company provided to Prospect ID. Just Sign In with that same email address and the temporary password you received.

  • Choose Location
  • Add New Location (if applicable)
  • Confirm Location
  • With the prospect’s identification in hand, turn the ID so that the ID’s bar code faces your device’s camera. Hold the ID still or set the ID down on a flat surface in good lighting with ID's bar code facing up. Your device will attempt to scan the ID’s bar code within 5 seconds Note: For Android devices with a flash option, click the flash icon at the top left hand side of screen for improved scanning success.
  • If successful, Prospect ID with auto populate the ID’s information on screen. Click Next to add notes, contact information, update mailing address (if applicable) and/OR
  • Click Next to add another prospect to same tour/showing, guest(s) or dependents accompanying the prospect(s).
  • When done scanning all prospect(s) and guest(s) (if applicable) ID's, select Finish.
  • View Scan Summary, select Done.

With Prospect ID just SCAN, VERIFY, and DONE!

Rather than asking to hold a prospect’s ID while on tour, ask to validate it instead. Then GIVE the ID BACK to the prospect(s) or client(s). There is no need to hold on to an ID once it has been successfully scanned into Prospect ID’s application.

If the ID scanning result is UNSUCCESSFUL, there could be a number of reasons including:

  • The ID is NOT a US or Canadian government issued identification. In this respect, Prospect ID allows you can manually enter the information from passports, visas, or other identification you or your company deem as acceptable forms of identification.
  • Your mobile device is not an Apple iOS (version 11 or better) or Android (version 4.4.2 or better) mobile device.
  • Your device may not have a 5MP rear facing camera. This is the minimum requirement to successfully scan ID’s. Devices with a 5MP rear facing camera will take a little more time to focus onto and scan a barcode. Holding the device still while the camera focuses onto the barcode and scanning in good light will produce better results. Devices with higher megapixel rear facing cameras such as 8MP or better, autofocus and flash features will scan faster than those devices with a lower quality rear facing camera.
  • The device cannot scan an ID because you lost or do not have a Wi-Fi or a cellular connection, you can revert to your former practice of validating ID’s and/or ask a supervisor for further instruction. ALWAYS follow your company’s policies and procedures when an ID cannot be scanned and verified.

When the Prospect ID app is able to read an ID’s barcode, it will show a successful scan by populating the decoded information on the screen. If the identification is not valid (either expired or otherwise) or if the app experienced technical issues during the scanning process, Prospect ID will return a message indicating why a problem occurred.

Once you’ve scanned and verified the applicable Identification’s for your tour/showing, you can go back and add to fields or edit fields in the guest card either by selecting, the "Previous" button or in the Scan Summary, tap the back arrow to edit inside the guest card. If you have exited the guest card, you can always go to the main menu by clicking at the top left-hand side of the screen and selecting My Prospects. You can search for a prospect by name or date of tour/showing. You can continue to add or edit notes in a guest card anytime you want.

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