*Above pricing options reflect Basic Verification Services.
**Business account pricing varies based on size of scanning bundle chosen. The above pricing options reflect Basic Verification Services. Contact a Prospect ID representative for more information regarding a business account.

Prospect ID’s Basic Verification Service authenticates the proper security features and formatting of an ID’s barcode from the issuing jurisdiction and date of issuance, which significantly helps to weed out most fakes, but we can never promise 100% accuracy. Any data element included within the barcode on the ID will be validated against our partner’s jurisdictional library and proprietary algorithm to ensure it is properly formatted and issued by one of the U.S. or Canadian jurisdictions. If the scanned ID does not match the exact standards of the encoding specification, Prospect ID’s application will show that the Identification did not scan indicating an exception has occurred.

For even a higher level of identity, age, and address verification, Prospect ID also offers a Premium Verification Service providing comprehensive match information results on each individual attribute including: first name, last name, address, and date of birth from multiple data sources simultaneously from the United States through our document verification partner’s database. Premium Validation Service provides access to over 200 reliable and independent data sources, including credit, electoral roll, government, public, telecommunication, utility, and consumer files.

Through Prospect ID’s document verification partner(s), Premium Validation Service PLUS analyzes, verifies and authenticates 3,500 different types of identity documents from nearly every country in the world. Checks are preformed to determine the authenticity and legitimacy as well as to ensure a document it is not forged or altered.

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